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Zelda DOTS Special KOG vers.



Zelda's humble pixel beginnings, now in DOTS form!

Back in March 2006, The King of Games collaborated with TOMYTEC to produce a special set  celebrating Zelda's 20th anniversary. While many of the other DOTS series were sold in stores or UFO Catcher machines, this version is sold exclusively by King of Games,  just a small handful of shops in Japan, and now the KOG Worldwide Store!

The special KOG package features Link in his fancy Blue Ring attire. You can also assemble pixel art of blue/white enemies like Gheeni, Gibido, Leever, and Goriya. The set comes with 2 stands, and a total of 520 pins in 6 different colors.

*Please note that this item is only available with the purchase of a shirt/sweatshirt/parka. With one shirt, you may order as many DOTS as you like.
*Not suitable for children under 3 years old, small children aged 4 to 7 should have adult supervision.

The Legend of Zelda DOTS Special King of Games Vers.