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April 2014 Reprints
Apr 23, 2014

Four favorites are back!

Mario 20th Anniversary

Zelda Pocket T

Koopa Airship 3/4 Sleeve

Mario Kart GP 3/4 Sleeve

These shirts will go on sale April 25, 2014 at 22:00 Japan Standard Time, and will begin shipping May 1st.

Kirby Returns, Now Warmer!
Feb 05, 2014

Kirby is back! Our orignal design honoring this little hero's debut on the Gameboy gets a next-gen upgrade: Kirby is now embroidered in full-color pixely glory, just as when he made the leap to color tv with the Famicom.

We've also extended the sleeves and increased the thickness of the 100% cotton material; The new "sweatshirt" format is now wonderfully suitable for cool weather.

Special note for XS customers: this size features slightly puffy sleeves that are also a bit shorter. Click the picture below to see more model pictures:

The Kirby Roly Poly Sweatshirt will go on sale February 11, 2014 at 22:00 Japan Standard Time. Good luck!

2 New Parkas: Metroid and Super Mario USA
Jan 09, 2014

This winter has already been super cold for many of you in the northern hemisphere, so we're really happy to bring you two new parka designs!

First up, we have a cross-stitched Samus running out of your lefthand pocket on the hunt for Metroids....a few lurk in the shadows, but there might be one right over your shoulder!

This full-zip parka zips all the way up so you can surround yourself in the starfield screenprinted inside the hood.

Next up is the oddball in Mario cannon, Super Mario USA a.k.a. Super Mario 2. Since we're still in the year of Luigi, this parka features the other best super brother outrunning baddies in Subcon.

This particular parka has our special dual-sided cut-pile insides for additional warm without the excessive bulk found in fleece-lined garments. As owners of our Super Mario Bros 3 parka will tell you, these are ultra-warm!

Both the Metroid and Super Mario USA parkas will go on sale January 10th at 22:00 Japan Standard Time and will begin shipping January 13th. Good luck and keep warm!

Novel-T's on the way! Goodbye 2013! Holiday Schedule!
Dec 30, 2013

Our 2013 Novel-T campaign came to a close just over a week ago, and we secretly sent out shirts to 5 lucky winners on December 24. It looks like they are starting to arrive...did you win? Send us a picture or let us know on twitter!

As 2013 comes to a close, all of us at The King Of Games would like to thank everyone for the continued love and enthusiasm for our designs outside of Japan. We hope you'll be excited for what we have coming next year!

And a final note to let everyone know that KOG is "closed" for New Year's celebrations and time off with family. Shipping and email help will resume on Jan 6th. Thank you for understanding!

Wishing everyone a wonderful + happy 2014!


Introducing "Mario Numbering" Sweatshirts!
Dec 04, 2013

Back to '85! Our latest design is an homage to Mario done in a classic '80s college number motif, printed on our custom-made high-quality, soft cotton sweatshirts. Choose from 3 color variations: Black and Red print on Mustard, Green and Blue on Oatmeal, or Red and Blue also on Oatmeal. These shirts will go on sale December 6, 2013 at 22:00JST and will begin shipping on December 9.

Don't forget about our Holiday Novel-T campaign: any purchase of KOG apparel enters you into our annual draw to win an exclusive shirt! The contest closes on December 20 at 22:00JST. Good luck!

November 2013 Parka Reprints
Nov 09, 2013

We've got a couple of reprints for those of you in cooler climates: our full-zip Legend of Zelda and Ice Climber parkas. It's all about the details on these comfy warm hoodies: the pixel-perfect cross-stitch sprites look really great.

New for this year are thumb hole cuffs, very helpful on those cooler days when you've forgotten your gloves. The double zipper goes fully up so you can keep your neck warm.

These parkas are on sale now and will ship next business day. Stay warm!

Legend of Zelda Full-Zip Parka (Bordeaux Red)
Ice Climber Full-Zip Parka (Royal Blue)

2013 Novel-T Giveaway Campaign
Nov 09, 2013

That's right, our seasonal holiday celebration is back for its 3rd year! This year's special present is an exclusive, previously unreleased design in the Play Style series. Play Style 3 features classic illustrations of everyone's 2 favorite super bros asking the eternal question: Team play or competition?

Here's how it works: any t-shirt purchases between Nov 20, 2013 22:00JST and Dec. 20, 2013 22:00JST will put your name in a draw to win one of these exclusive t-shirts. Shirts will be sent out on December 23rd to 5 lucky winners. ALSO: This contest is open to all King of Games customers around the world! :)


June 2013 Reprints: Super Famicom + Famicom
Jun 20, 2013

2 of our most requested shirts are back! The Ultimate 16-bit Machine Super Famicom shirt and Ultimate 8-bit Machine Famicom shirts present 2 of the greatest consoles ever made, shown in loving detail.

These shirts will go on sale on June 20, 2013 at 22:00 Japan Standard Time. Set your alarm clocks!

April 2013 Reprints + new iPhone 5 cases!
Apr 27, 2013

The King of Games iPhone 5 Cases

UPDATE for Aug 2014: iPhone 5 SILVER cases are now sold out, but we have a few BLACK cases left....

A few of you have contacted us about KOG's iPhone 5 cases. We're happy to offer them to our worldwide customers for 2500yen, plus shipping (UPDATE: now with economical SAL option!). If you are interested in ordering a case, click the buy button below and choose your shipping and color option (Silver or Black). If you would like to order a case with other items, we'll combine shipping and refund you the difference.

Shipping options
Case Color

A few reprints are now available for order:

1Poin-t Series Reprints

The 1Poin-T series feature perfectly cross-stitched sprites and high-quality screen printed designs. This round of reprints brings back Zelda, Ice Climber, and Excitebike t-shirts. Shipping begins May 1st, 2013.

Order Now!

Dr. Mario Music Type

FEVER? CHILL? OR OFF? Based on the BGM choices from the original 8-bit Dr. Mario. The detailed virus sprites look fantastic with KOG's high accuracy printing. Click here for more pictures on the Japanese KOG site. Shipping begins May 1st, 2013.

On Sale Now!

Super Mario 3 Secret Boo Parkas!
Jan 07, 2013

We've had a lot of requests for something SMB3 by KOG....and now the time has come!

An ode to last of the 8-bit Marios, done in the understated 1POIN-T style: a swarm of screen-printed Boos creep into the right pocket, while a cross-stitched Tanooki Mario flies to safety out of the left pocket.

Be careful...Boos appear when you put the hood up! A shy screen-printed Boo on the hood, and a cross-stitched vicious boo on the shoulder.

Our warmest parka ever! These new parkas use a double-sided material that features soft cotton on one side, and brushed cut pile fleece lining on the other. This unique material gives an added layer of warmth and comfort without the bulkiness found in many lined parkas/jackets.

The double zipper goes all the way up to the chin, perfect for chilly bike rides or windy snowstorms. The perfect way to beat the cold!

Orders begin January 11, 2013 at 22:00JST. Shipping begins Monday, January 14th, 2013. Get yours here!

Want to see more? Click the model pictures below for more action shots!

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